Story Beyond a ThsndMiles

By dkarjadi15

what NSW can offer...

First of all, I am surprised we have not given up yet and still exploring. Secondly, living in Sydney for nearly 10 years, I have always stayed in the city and the furthest and most rural area I have been around sydney willingly would be my own home suburb, the Hills Shire. It is exciting to know what NSW has to offer to us and especially the photo opportunities, it is quite breathtaking.
So this time, destination - Royal National Park. The park is located in South Cronulla near the Waterfall Station. After a few/many missed turns and dangerous U-turns we finally got to the park (blame my bad navigation skills). When we arrived to the road of so called "The Squeeze Way", it was unpaved, lots of loose rocks and even more POTHOLES! Using a civic sedan which i seem to love very much, going through this rocky path requires great attention and the speed of 15km/h. haha

The park includes various tracks and pathways we can choose to explore with different distances and difficulties. The whole exploration of the coastal track is estimated to be 2 days long. We took a shorter route of 8-9 or so KM, called the Burning Palms track via Garraway Farm. To start with it was quite the easy walk and not long when we saw this spectacular view of the coast. Similar views of the coast can be seen throughout the walk along the coast, beaches after beaches and headlands. Then as we start making our way back up to the mountain, the walk gets rougher and rougher. First, the incline, then the ridiculous rough rocky surface. It eventually got to muds, sand, back to rocks, back to muds and a few grassy paths here and there. It seemed like we explored through different kinds of terrain in one walk in a very short amount of time. (Lucky I had my Timms that day).
Overall, the Walk was a wonderful experience, though tiring. It did not offer much photo opportunities but the experience itself was worth it.

To end it, as like any other city oriented-city asian boys going to the bush with nothing but cameras, IT ENDS WITH A TRAGEDY. Story behind this tragedy can be seen and read on

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