Like mad dogs and the Englishmen/women that we are, we have been orienteering (twice!) today in the midday sun!

It is the Fat Rascal Weekend (named for those famous Betty's cakes with the fiendish grin) and today we had a two parter with a street race prologue around the broiling streets of Haworth (and tourists) followed by a Chasing Sprint across the arid reaches of Penistone Hill. Basically, depending on the time you finished in the morning, you set off at that time after 2pm so you can imagine it is a frantic start with the person behind you trying their best to catch and pass you. I finished the morning race in 4th position in my class. I knew I would not catch Sue and Karen as they are faster runners than me but they both made an error going to number 1 and so were closer than anticipated when I came out of the start. There was some toing and froing around the fast course but their better legs won out. I was happy to maintain my fourth position overall.

This is Guy, fit and active in his seventies, working hard to finish in the gruelling heat.

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