Matts Photo Journal

By photomatt

Sunset on the Potomac

We are spending the weekend about 70 miles southeast of Washington, DC. The first part of the day was spent at a family reunion where I got to meet a number of second and third cousins for the first time. The reunion was held on the grounds where George Washington was born. I stayed for about 4 hours, ate some great food, and got to learn a little more about my family history.

We then took a scenic drive through Maryland and ended up at a restaurant called "Gilligans". The restaurant is right on the Potomac River and serves awesome seafood. The outdoor part has palm trees, a sandy beach, an area for a live band, and picnic tables that sit right in the water. We chose to eat outside but in the dry section. This was our view just as dinner was served.

I'm blipping really late and need to hit the sack. I'll try my best to catch up on commenting Sunday evening.


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