Open your eyes

By tocantis


Ok I have to say I don't know the actual word for the seeds of cereal in english...
anyway because of the test the day after tomorrow we have to be able to recognize 30 different kind of seeds. Some cereal, some gras and there's some easy ones like corn. Although there's many different kinds of corns. All the things you learn in your life! But when you take out the pressure of exams it's really interesting and fun. I never thought farming could be so complicated!
Respect for those who do it as a living!

Oh and in case you wanna know:
1.Triticum aestivum
2.Triticum spelta
3.Triticum durum
4.Secale cereale
5.Tritico secale
7.Avena sativa

and the one without number is Hordeum vulgare

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