Little Brown Moth

After promoting cycling yesterday we thought it best to cycle today. So we headed west to Whitchurch then took a detour to the south before arriving at the pick-your-own-farm outside Saint Mary-Bourne. We picked a few kilos of red currants for jelly and a few passable strawberries. We then cycled back home. There was some bike event on as we keep seeing direction signs and packs of cyclist on the road.

On arrival back home I had a quick shower then watched Le Tour while the washing machine did some laundry. During the early stages my better half picked some of our own red currants and spotted today's blip when it landed on her arm. I've no idea which kind of moth it is, but it's got lots of detail and pattern on it and looks quick good in big.

After the race I crushed a load of red currants and the juice is now dribbling through a jelly bag. I've now got three weeks worth of ironing to do as we've been really busy of late and it's rather piled up, then tonight there is another episode of The Returned to watch! On second thoughts I think I'll have a cup of tea first - then the ironing!

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