surely you can see

By petergarver

For this day I had to choose between this picture and another abstract boat rust one...which sort of made me think - is this just about pictures for me, or is it a bit of a blog too? I think it has to be a little of both. If it were just about pictures, I think I might have chosen the boat one, but since it's a little about my life, this one is more appropriate.

I was trying to finish a grant on a day that we were open, but I couldn't work in my office because no one would leave me alone, and I couldn't go beyond politely mentioning that I was trying to finish a grant without being rude to them. So I built a satellite office up at the front of the building in a corner. Here it is, featuring the company laptop, a clipboard with the papers I needed on it, and even a cup of coffee featuring some sort of inspirational kitten scene.

It got the job done, but sometimes work is so crazy that it starts to wear me down.

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