By Paladian

One wet pigeon

Somewhat foolishly, I left my blip until late this afternoon. The rain set in, and no hope of getting out again.

I saw a couple of Eastern Rosellas at the feeder, but even more foolishly I frightened them away as I opened the window.

By now, of course it's bucketing down, so I just took this shot of a very wet and unhappy pigeon in the distance. Although why he didn't get a bit further under cover, as he could have, is beyond me. Pigeons are silly birds.


Because it's been so wet, our Internet is incredibly slow, so all my plans for catching up on comments have frustratingly come to nothing. It's taken me about half an hour just to get this up. You would think that, in this day and age, a bit of rain wouldn't stuff up the system. But it does.

So thanks so much for stopping by to see my images. I really appreciate it, and I will get back into the groove just as soon as I can.

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