A day of phoning about, then visiting. I was glad to get down to the boatie club with my clinking beers. I was just about to get one of the club tenders over to the mooring to pick up a USB thingy off the boat when J&S appeared at the gate hollering for me to wait and ferry them too.
Later we were joined by the commodore who had a distressing time going through the Forth & Clyde canal. His engine packed in twice. I hope he wasn't flying his commodore's burgee for our club. The shame of it.
I think the final ignominy was at Bowling where they lifted the engine out into the cabin to work on and decided to kip in the marina laundry for the night. Unfortunately it had an automatic light sensor and every toss and turn of our weary flag officer and his unfortunate sidekick, was met with dazzling illumination. Haw haw.

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