By dfb24

Milwaukee County Sheriff Mounted Patrol

Still hot today--It's 7:00 at night & is still 92 degrees out! After work, I met my friend for dinner--we spent a couple of hours over some wine & had a great time! On the way home I realized I still needed a blip, so stopped at McKinley Marina, thinking I'd look for some boat reflections. When I got out of the car, I spotted a horse trailer labeled "Milwaukee County Sheriff Mounted Patrol", so I walked on over & on the other side of the trailer 2 officers & their mounts were taking a break. The horses were tied to the trailer so I couldn't get up by their heads, but they didn't seem to mind the camera. I liked this shot with some of the police gear attatched to the saddle. Today they were patrolling along the lakefront--with the high temperatures , the beach is really overcrowded!

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