By Brotographer


This is my man JP. Been good friends with this guy since freshers year, even though we haven't hung out much since, except at house parties really. We ran into each other on campus as everybody was graduating. JD and coke at Terrace Bar for a good catchup, and the atmosphere on campus this week is great, no complaints there! I would have taken a proper portrait, but didn't get around to it, so I went for grungy editing to make the photo a bit more interesting.

I Saw Cooney and Alex Phillips throwing their hats in the air! We'll be there next year, but for now, life is chill. After I met with Stana for a bit who gave me some nice birthday presents! Spent all of two minutes in the office today, figuring it was better to work from home while my supervisor isn't around. A good idea, since I can work in more concentrated and focused sessions. I'll definitely head back to the office though later in the week.

In the evening, Isaac and Sam (a coworker of Alex's) came over to chill for ages. Plus, Erin made me a pomegranate and orange birthday cheesecake, best late night food, and practically all I ate today! A great night.


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