A photo a day by Hillyx

By hillyx

Playing Hooky!

It was such a lovely day........

It was such a lovely lunch......

I made up for it later....honest! :-)

Actually....I really will have to make up for it tomorrow - such is life.....Isn't it wonderful?!

On a more serious note - I had a very serious conversation with a neighbour this morning about life. Her husband has cancer and she is naturally very worried about it, as is he. But his treatment has gone very well so far. The problem anyone has in this situation is knowing that it is ....so far. So what will happen next? None of us know - with or without cancer.... we just don't know what will happen next. So - all my blip friends and all my friends - Enjoy today! Enjoy tomorrow....play hooky if you can! Have some fun in the sun and make some hay!

It may rain.... ;-)

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