The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Sail Ahoy.....

We had a good run back from the Isle of Wight, I even had time to go up on deck and take a few shots of the yachts in the Solent.
We even saw the Queen Mary, Queen Victoria and more importantly Celebrity X Eclipse, the ship we will be on in November, looks very nice and very BIG too.

The car did just 30 miles to the Gallon a little down on other towing I have done with it, must be down to keeping the Air Con on full.
The new Springs I fitted to the rear suspension did the trick, no weaving all over the place and I managed to cruise at 58mph without feeling the caravan was going to overtake the car.

Mrs BM is all done in as she has walked quite a way today and has done various exercises since she got in home, I made her a cup of coffee and looked after her now.

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