Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Hot 'n Sweaty

I have spent most of the day packing - firstly for Luke, as he leaves tonight for South Africa on his rugby tour. We had a bit of a panic this morning as we could not find his anti-malaria pills (they are doing a 3 day visit to Kruger National Park, the lucky boys). I sent Gavin off to the pharmacy to get some more but of course in the UK you need a doctor's prescription for almost everything! I phoned my sister in SA and she assured me that anti-malaria tablet can be bought over the counter in SA, so we decided that he would just have to buy them when he got there. Then as we finished packing we found them...!!!

I then packed for the rest of the family as we leave tomorrow for our summer holiday in the Swiss Alps. It is a very long drive so we are heading off early tomorrow morning, the car bursting at it's seams with all the luggage and shopping and also Murdoch. It takes about 10,5 hours of actual driving time but with a few stops we are looking at a 12 hour journey.

Luke decided to go for a last run before his tour (he keeps hearing just how big the boys in the opposing teams are, so maybe fitness can be their team's secret weapon) I wanted a last photo of him before he left but I could not wait for him to cool down, so here he is all sweaty and mucky...yuck!

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