By gblrps

Hudson's Soap

Hudson's Soap

* Makes Grease Fly

* Never Clogs

* Leaves No Smell

* It?s equally good for washing clothes.

I'm afraid you won't find it in the shops these days. Taken over by Lever Bros around 1918.

Talking of soap and the likes, I have been trying to find products free of SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) but its not easy. Have a check of your shower Gel, Shampoo, Bath Oil etc and the chances are it will be in there. It can even be in toothpaste.

There is a lot of information coming out that suggest this stuff can be bad for you, particularly the skin, mouth, eyes. I understand it is the reaction with other ingredients which can cause it to be harmful. Also factors like the temperature (hotter is worse), or the age of the user (younger is worse) can have an effect. Although the science suggests that the effects vary from individual to individual.

Scientific opinion varies so much with some saying its very harmful and others that it is perfectly safe. I usually suspect that those arguing really strongly one way or the other have a vested interest.

I believe the jury is still out so its not necessary to panic or throw stuff out that contains it, but it may be worth considering some of the alternative organic products if you can find them.

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