Beach Bum

Sea mist rolled in over the vast expanse of beach at low tide underneath Bamburgh Castle this morning.

One minute it was there in all it's glory and the next it was disappearing fast almost insidiously being cloaked in the grey damp creeping cloud.

We had walked over the dunes to get to the beach, lingering (on my part) to take a few insect and butterfly shots on the way. By the time we reached a good vantage point for the castle it had nearly disappeared! Quite spooky really as it was fairly deserted and suddenly out in the vast length of sandy beach looking round, the fog had descended while over the sea and moving in was a huge forbidding wall of very dark grey.

Hence the fly shot.... :))) There were quite a few 5 and 6 spotted Burnets around but the dunes needed warmth to make them come alive and the temperature had dropped massively from yesterday. However my fly was enjoying the beach and I was enjoying getting my blip with sand in my shoes.

So many many massive thank yous for the hearts stars and comments yesterday on my puffins - big 'smiles' here!! Happy that you enjoyed looking at them because I enjoyed taking them!! :)) If we hadn't had to come home for the dogs I was contemplating doing the whole Farne Island boat trip again!!

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