Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Mr B talks to the cows

No, really ... We were walking back along the Ardyne track this afternoon, totally deserted after the morning's storms, when we noticed the cows in the field all heading to a point in the fence where the hedge stopped, just ahead of us. By the time we came level, there were about ten beasts jostling for position, while others, from much further away, headed resolutely towards us. After I took this photo, I was overcome with the crazy desire to sing to them (I know - maybe the thunder affected me) and launched on a quiet rendering of the tune from Schubert's 'Trout' quintet. Mr B supplied a bass harmony, and we realised it was having the same effect as when we sang to our grandchildren when they were tiny.

It was odd to have all these bovine eyes gazing soulfully at us, and odder still to see one being shouldered out of the way so that a newcomer could get into the front row - a bit like a cow Promenade concert, come to think of it.

I counted our audience as they applauded. There were 19 of them.

And yes, I made up the applause bit.

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