Welcome to Absurdistan!

By MildlyOffensive


This entry is not about tax evasion and I won't mention it again.

Today afternoon it rained for the first time this month. After the rainiest June in history, July was the driest month in Bavaria ever. Until today of course - and it actually didn't rain, it poured for 45 minutes or so.

In the evening FC Bayern Munich played a friendly against FC Barcelona in Allianz Arena. The friendly is called Uli-Hoeneß-Cup, named after the president of Bayern Munich, who is accused of tax evasion right now (damn, I did not want to mention it again). Bayern Munich won 2-0.

The blip shows once again Allianz Arena. This time I cycled up Müllberg (waste hill; a former waste disposal site) across the autobahn to photograph the stadium. You can't see it, but the game is in full swing at that moment.

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