It's a truism to say that no visit to Shetland is complete without the classic picture of Scalloway. This is rather different to last year's variant which had more colour, more sunshine, a slightly lower angle and also no need to avoid including in the picture the really ugly flotel, apparently named the Bibby Challenge (although the internet tells me that this is still in Norway...). The flotel is to accommodate workers engaged in upgrading BP's installations in Sullum Voe, but its presence needs to be seen alongside that of its two, or soon to be three, mates in Lerwick, brought in to accommodate the petroleum industry workers engaged in constructing the new Total gas plant at Sullom Voe. This publicly available extract from Facebook (although probably you need to be logged in to see it) reveals the mixed feelings typical amongst locals about such matters.

We were heading around via Scalloway after a trip into Lerwick for a coffee and snack at the Hays Dock Cafe and a visit to the supermarket for shopping. It's pretty grey here today, in stark contrast to yesterday, so we decided that walking could take a backseat to chilling today. After Scalloway we headed for the 'back way' home and found the perfect wreck for renovation with stunning views over Gon Firth, if only we had the time and the money.

Shetland photos are here.

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