By Stepram

Barbecue et Camp fire

A good day today, a much much better day than expected.

Followed by some work and then a Barbecue at Peters and a good old chat round the camp fire. It was lovely to chat to everyone and I'm sure my 15 + shots of espresso today make more more than a little talkative, opps, sorry!

I also received a lovely call from a friend asking me to do a commercial photography project for them. Which is lovely and a great vote of confidence however I have always turned these offers down and tried to send them to real professionals, but this person means a lot to me and I am really honoured to be asked.
My big worries are can I do it? It needs to be awesome, not just ok, but really awesome?
What kit do I need that I don't have?
How much to charge?

It's Corporate portraits, but Lighting is my worry, I only have an 430 exII, I could do with two flashes and / or a small studio set up. not cheep and if I really want to do it right do I need an expensive Studio lighting set up or 2x 600EX flashes?

Questions, Questions, any help or feedback welcome.

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