Earache MyEyeInA Nutshell

By RichPaula

When in Rome...

So, after a slightly stressful train journey we reached Brussels in a calm but famished state. After booking in at our hotel we had a wander around the surrounding streets and finally settled on an eatery. After roughly translating from a combination of French and Flemish we settled on a beef dish for Rich and a chicken one for me. Both were tasty and delicious.

That might make us sound quite cosmopolitan. In truth the decision making went like this:

R: What's 'brochette' ?
P: No idea
R: Well, lapin is rabbit...
P: Think I'll try the Poulet brochette, it's chicken something
R: (still puzzling) I might try the beef brochette, but I don't know what it is.

5 minutes later....

P: Aye, it's in English at the back.....!!!!

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