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The Magic Number

Hi folks, Joe here.

This Sunday, July the 19th, marks the third anniversary of Blipfoto changing from a one bedroom flat into an open commune. If you search for images added on that date, you'll notice it wasn't a very big commune - there were only nine of us (but it wasn't long before we started arguing over who'd finished all the butter).

You've probably noticed our cult has grown a wee bit since then. These days, thousands of people contribute and visit from over 120 countries, and we have more incredible images and stories on our servers than you could ever shake a stick at.

So, how to celebrate this mega milestone?

How about a mini-assignment with a super-duper Blip prize for the winner? And how about the whole community chooses the winning entry?

Sound good? OK...

The theme for this assignment is simply 'three' and you must post your entry for this coming Saturday, Sunday or Monday, tagged 'themagicnumber'.

Over that same period, favourites will be available to everyone (yes, including people who aren't founding members) and they'll be used to determine the winner. To help with this, we've extended the search results to 10 pages - just search for 'tagged themagicnumber' to see all the entries. Remember you only get a maximum of three favourites per 24 hour period, so use them wisely.

At lunchtime (UK time) on Tuesday, we'll total up the number of favourites received by all entries and announce the winner, plus three runners up, here on the Blipblog.

In addition to a place in the Blipfoto Hall of Fame, the winner will be sent my very own Blip - the play anywhere tennis game to keep forever.

That's it... good luck and may the best blip win!

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