Loch of Boath

I couldn't spend a week orienteering without including an orienteering blip and as today's weather did not lend itself to a beautiful Moray landscape, here is that orienteering blip.

What you can see is the Assembly area for today's event at Loch of Boath. On the right is the run in to the finish. If you look large you can see a junior runner finishing. Lining the run in are the club tents with their feathers. On the left of the blip are the results posted on fences and the marquees which house the download and the organisation.

Many nationalities are represented at this week's event as it is combined with a Euro Meeting for the elite athletes. I like that the countries' flags are displayed around the arena.

The ominous clouds, blipped at about 10.30, portend what was to come just as we were on the start line so it was another soggy run. I'm still bugged with the head cold so taking it easy and aiming to simply complete my courses, which I did today.

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