Busy bee

As we didn't cycle to work yesterday we decided to cycle to work today and forgo badminton after work. I think it was a good idea as it was nice and cool going to work and toasty warm on the way home. My new bike performed admirably and it's a lot nicer with the weight in a pannier and not on your back!

Work was another day of doing small things, doesn't feel very productive but these things need to be done so it's good that they have been done. It was a bit warm in the office which made me fiddle with my watch and I noticed the cheap resin strap had cracked and was about to break. On arriving home I put on a spare strap but in the process the resin case decided to split... I have a nice titanium watch I also wear for work but I like my digital one when I'm out and about because of the extra bits it has.

I'm not that picky when it comes to watches but I have a narrow wrist so most contemporary watches look silly on me. I now need to find a new watch - I'm not a happy shopper....

Today's blip is a bee doing her stuff on the blue flowers we have in the front garden. Not and arty job but not too bad on detail.

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