If You Can't Stand The Heat...

Stay out of the car park.

The company decided to do a summer barbecue this evening. In just over a week we have a shutdown for a week, so it seemed like a good time to get people together in a relaxed and informal manner. Since March the company has grown quite a bit, with 25 new employees, taking us to around 90 people now, spread over 4 sites around the town.

Some people did a 'fun' run for about a mile before the barbecue, with medals for all the competitors. The directors lead the charge in the food prep, with Simon the Managing Director, and Nick the company President doing the cooking, continuing the unwritten rule that men cook outside.

The weather was kind, the beginning of the week has been variable, but today a sunny and very warm day made for a perfect evening, unless you were running I guess.

Here's Nick cooking for us all.

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