Paul's Imagination.

By paulransom


This is my celebration for blipfoto having been public for 3 years. Quite astonishing to see the change from the original 9 people to the huge community that has built up now.

This is a photo where 60 exposures have been merged together, each one where I had separately chucked up a 3 made out of cardboard into the air. Mum was there to click the shutter for each one, she's got quite a knack for getting the timing just right. (Each '3' left where it was originally chucked, I didn't move them into this formation)

***CLICK THIS LINK to see each frame merged into an animated GIF. It's really cool, you can see the clouds move so well - bad quality though... 60 frames is a lot***

Something good: A day watching the golf. Which actually ended up being something bad, as by 4 I was getting quite bored, but didn't want to tear myself away incase I missed any of the action. Still, not really a wasted day as I had nothing better to do.
Something new: Car registrations could be "R32 APG" or "P5 YTP" as well as the standard 3 digit "S810 EMO"... something I had never realised... always assumed the numbers went from 100-999, whereas the actually used to go from 1-999, which makes a lot more sense!

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