By Jaxter46


I took out the new car for the first drive today, must say I'm impressed. It was fun to drive and handled really well. A nice set of wheels are next, I need to know things like stud patterns and sizes first

The girls arrived home from Blackpool after the hen night for Wella her real name is Catherine, can't believe it's only four weeks and I'm doing the photography. A bit nervous. Any tips would be more than welcomed

There was some bad news for Natalie, Gary had to tell her that her mum's partner Rob died yesterday, he just dropped down dead and Lyn her mum found him in the garden, they think it was a massive heart attack. He was only 42. Natalie has gone with Ellis to stay with her for a few days. It's only up the road from where we live.
I didn't really know Rob but it was still a shock to hear the news and I know Lyn will be devastated

Offical 3rd birthday for blip today this is my portrayal of the growth of blip to were it is now, going off the scale and getting bigger all the time. Nice one guys

Weekend over again, hope you have all had a great weekend

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