Saint Paul's via bike

Today we went back up to London to take part in the Ride London Freecycle event. We completed the ~13 km loop three times. The picture it taken looking at Saint Paul's - where we had lunch - you can see the bikes at the bottom of the picture if you look carefully.

The event was a bit of organised chaos, there were far too many cyclists for the space on the road and many had no idea of "lane discipline", ambling about all over the place and at widely differing speeds. While I am in favour of everyone having a ride it would help if slow riders didn't wander about talking to their friends and taking pictures in the middle of the road showing no care to other road users.

Road hogs aside, it was great fun and clearly very popular. We even managed to get there and back on the train without a problem, SWT can be a pain when it comes to cycles on trains.

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