What's that on my shoulder?!

This was one of 500+ blips I took today on the final day of the Scottish Six Day Orienteering Event. I think it's odd in some way because the angle makes it look like the head of the far runner is on the shoulder of the near runner...and she doesn't look too happy about it!

I didn't run today because of my health issues, so it's off to the Doc as soon as I can get an appointment. Tony, however, finished the six days in 15th position overall which is fantastic in his age group as it is a very large group with stiff competition so well done that man!

After the event it was in to the car and eight hours home, where we are now relaxing after catching up with the adventures of our Czech house sitters who seem to have done an excellent job of seeing the sights of the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District within a very few days!

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