Fast Train

Well. I am in Shanghai.. Tomorrow there will be a total eclipse here and hopefully it won't be cloudy. TO travel all this way and put up with the heat and. get.. OH well. we will see. I wil either have a GREAT blip tomorrow or.. like I said.. wait and see.. hehehe

This was taken at the train station.. the train in the background was going about 200km and hour. When I got to Shanghai, I left my hotel and went out to take pics. I was just getting warmed up taking dragonfly anf bug and bird pics and was trying to spot the source of a particularly strange sounding bird call when I was stopped by some police and told to go back to my hotel. DAMMIT. SO this was all I ended up with for the day. I still have no glasses so still sorry aout the typing..

Last few days were very late blips for me so they are pretty much backblips.

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