just sitting,

By justsitting


Searching for a book to read from my shelves I remembered today had so far been blip free.

This morning was glorious as I cycled along the canal to my first day at work for over a fortnight. Work was a drag, until we got the excitment of getting new monitors, they are huge. Anything to brighten up a dull morning.

Went to M@L at St Marks, today was Paul that was taking it. I felt so much better after the silent sitting. After eating there was a really good discussion about ideas of contentment, and empathy. The afternoon at work was so much easier after that.

It really brought home ' don't just do something, sit there.!' and it works.

Came home and some friends were in for dinner which was very nice to see.

A short thunder storm has just passed over, it is always nice to feel secure indoors as they go by.

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