without becoming pictures

By lani

familiar madness, it all keeps changing

I spent the afternoon with my good friend Jon and the musical stylings of one Rocky Votolato.

By the time I made it to Massachusetts, I was hoarse and struck by Rocky's relevance, even now. When I was listening to a lot of his music, maybe five years ago, the lyrics seemed dark but meaningful. Now, they seem true if often too sardonic for my tastes. And oddly, hoarse feels really good.

Even better was the afternoon out. An impromptu lunch and a quick errand, driving in really beautiful circles around smalltown Mass on a day that looked suspiciously like fall (it's unbelievable to me that I forgot my camera and had to settle for quick phone photos before my phone died) and a tiny little DQ Blizzard to cap off the afternoon.

Now that I've returned, I'm mired in financial anxiety (again) and all that comes with it, but for now, I'll think about the day and the peace that came with it.

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