After the rain

Sorry Luke - I have bounced you into my blipfolio. Luke (who was up here earlier) lives next door, with the unfortunate Willow. I had offered to walk him today. What did it do? - poured and poured and poured! I got him out in what I thought was a let-up of the rain, only for it to start again. So it was a short walk. I got him back into his garage and he absolutely refused to go up through the garden to the house. Lay down and said he'd rather die.

I had to leave him there (with a towel and water, I hasten to add) until the rain stopped several hours later. We had a longer walk and he went in good as gold. Thank goodness!

Much later I walked up to my veg garden. This is what my one runner bean plant looks like after the rain. Actually, it's not my bean, it's Owen's. No matter, there will be beans!! And there are french beans too, to my mind preferable to runners anyway.

In an interesting anomaly, if you try to look at this large you get a large Luke!!

Veg update: Picked mange-tout and raspberries. Sowed more rocket and mange-tout.

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