due a good clean

After initially not leaving with parents to head to the station I ended up scooting down a road parallel to their route to see them off on the train (luckily arriving just in time to catch mother scuttling off in the direction of the toilets but, crucially, without the 20p required (though it turned out it had gone up to 30p)) and partly to get a few more pictures of them wearing their fleeces advertising my sister's boyfriend's personal training business, as requested by sister for boyfriend for website. Quite how someone my dad's shape could be considered a good advert for a personal trainer is a mystery, now matter how garishly yellow and eye-catching the fleece. My mother is healthy enough from her frenetic inability to keep still this also made is fairly difficult to get a picture where the logo was visible and in the end I gave up and started looking around the station in case the threatened large-scale smartening-up operation suddenly starts and takes away all the characterful grime.

Slightly earlier we'd popped to the junk/old furniture shop on East Preston Street as it seems to be the sort of thing parents like. I get frustrated at the sight of so many old office chairs that I'm not allowed to buy as we don't have enough space. There was also one other useful item which I've been looking for for a while. Relatively small, so storage would not be an issue. Probably quite cheap. Definitely worth it for the entertainment value. The only real problem is that it would not be required for at least six months and would stand a good chance of being mislaid at some point in the intervening period. At least I now know such things do exist for purchase secondhand and are available nearby.

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