By the wildfowlers' hide, overlooking Munlochy Bay. The mudflats take on a bright shade of green at this time of year, before yellowing in the Autumn. Suspect the growth upon them is part of what attracts the hundreds of ducks and geese that Winter here.

Sore all over today after last nights kayaking fun. Sitting on the back of my kayak whilst gripping it between my legs and hoping (in vain) not to fall off/in, that seems to have been the biggest culprit. My inside thigh muscles ache more than anything else. Cycled along to snap this Blip, and almost fell off my bike when I tried to dismount. Laughing at this daftness only made other bits hurt!

Spied some fantastic black cherries that were, well, fantastic. Not your muckle supermarket types, little, more natural sized ones. You need to take the stalk with them when they're picked, or the dark blood like juice will stain your fingers a deep purplish colour. Could take a while to explain what you've been up to when it doesn't wash out...

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