Nearest I'll get!

Recovering after 3 hours of hard labour this morning.

We were at the local recycling centre " volunteering". Much if what goes on there is garden waste. It gets turned into compost. Trees get cut up for firewood.

If you put in some hours cutting them up, you get free firewood for the winter. Or at least you do if the centre operator is a friend.

So for 3 hours we handed 1 metre logs to Pieter, who sliced them up on the circular saw. Dirty. Noisy. Very physical. But fun. Apart from the spiders running off the logs and up your arm...

Had our sandwich lunch with Pieter, his wife & 2 sons. It's a family enterprise. Found I was understanding even less than usual. I was told later that Pieter speaks pure Bayerische, so I was relieved.

So after 2 huge bowls of spaghetti and a plum flan, feet up to recover. Next stage (very soon) is a beer.

7:30 am tomorrow the wood will be delivered to the house for stacking. More hard labour!

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