I've had an unusual day for me today. I stayed in bed late and finished Kate Atkinson's 'Life After Life' (to be recommended). Then after a spate of serious cooker scrubbing....isn't it the case that you only see your kitchen horrors when guests have been to stay?! This time it was the cooker hood and it took some work! Well after that I retired to the computer and decided as it was an overcast day, that I would work on Carlyle Adventures 2013, my blurb book.

It occurred to me as the afternoon wore on that this corner of the study was once very much my workplace. To the extent that I often spent more time down here when I was teaching than with my family upstairs, something which I regret. Now, since my semi-retirement, I am rarely down here and my workspace has become my playspace. Gone are the paperwork, assignments to mark, textbooks for planning....replaced by my camera bits and pieces, postcards from trevorearthy, itchythumbs and NannaK and the stuff I need for my projects (fun stuff!) Work/life balance successfully restored!

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