horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Ugly Chick

Utterly tiny little Moorhen chick in Figgate Park (just a few minutes walk from the house).

Bit of a nothing day - got a few things done on the site, read the paper over breakfast, went for the walk. Mel's not doing too great again - either it's a second day of hangover, or the lurgy is into a second wind with her.

Watching the end of the Tour now and keeping her company.

Oh, after mentioning a netbook a couple of days ago I ordered one yesterday. Apparently they'll try and deliver it on Tuesday, so probably won't be able to get it till Wednesday, but it's always nice to have the prospect of a new toy, and that means I'll have it for the trip to the cricket in Leeds in a couple of weeks...

Other shots:

Moorhen mum
Coot chasing a Mallard
Blissed out cat

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