By Regine

I love my camera, and the way Pentax has designed it. I haven't found a single thing that I don't like (my arm doesn't like the fact that its a heavy monster camera, but I do). I also like the fact that I don't have a 'vari-angle' LCD screen on my camera. I know it comes in handy and I have used cameras who do have a screen like that, I just think it is more fun to have to fold myself into difficult positions sometimes to make a photo and still watch the screen when I'm using live view.

Today I made a fool of myself right in front of my front door where I found this feather. I love feathers, and what my 50mm makes them look like. I live next to quite a busy street, and there I was, on all fours, bum in the air, trying to see if the feather was in focus, using my 30 year old manual focus 50mm lens.

At that moment I couldn't help thinking that the Pentax designers sometimes must smile knowing what awkward positions their decision to not put a 'vari-angle' screen on the K5 makes photographers end up in :)

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