By sp33dway

new ears

I sure am enjoying playing with bignewcamera, even if everything seems to be taking me a g e s to set, check, adjust, check again and re-adjust. Then reshoot because the highlights were a little blown out or the shadows were a tad too dark.

Think I nailed it with this shot, although being a tad more in focus would've been ideal but then again I was sans tripod and I was crouching down. I would've got closer to the ground to make more use of the angle but there were muckloads of gunk on the floor and I had my workpants on. Perhaps one day I'll reach the point where I'm unbothered about getting my knees dirrty or maybe I'll remember to keep a Roy Cropper plastic carrier bag in my pocket.

Tell you what though - the best thing about ditching my pointandclick is not having to spend foreverandanAGE post-click-a-fiddling with all my blips.

(MUCH to the approval of by better half)

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