Earache MyEyeInA Nutshell

By RichPaula

Tee time

Look at that - band t-shirts for the biscuit crunchers. If there's one thing I hate it's parents who foist their musical tastes onto their children. Music is all about a voyage of discovery you go on when you hit your teenage years. One of the reasons I use to take Slayer, Fudge Tunnel and Sisters of Mercy records into the family home was because I knew my parents would probably hate it. It was a bit of an act of rebellion. As well as it being excellent music, of course.
Quite frankly, if you put you child in a t-shirt bearing the fizzogg of that berk off of Kasabian or the cover art of The Stone Roses (perhaps the most over-rated band of all time after Joy Division), then I reserve the right to report you to the NSPCC.
Just stop it.

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