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By MildlyOffensive

Dünne Luft

Thin Air doesn't necessarily mean the same thing for different persons.

Juri, a friend of mine from Hamburg was visiting today. And what better thing to do than hike up a mountain. I planned a supposedly little hiking tour. Well, it turned out to be a 6 hours tour with ridiculously rather steep ascents (this one). Not that kind of tour you would recommend for a beginner - and certainly not if said beginner was used to live close to sea level. But he did not complain once loudly. Well, you live and you learn.

Anyways, Juri managed to get up to the peak of Risserkogel (1826 meters) - and actually was rightly pleased of that accomplishment. The blip shows: exhausted Juri at the peak of Risserkogel with Tegernsee lake in the background, enjoying the view, the silence. And his Gipfelhoibe (peak pint).

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