13 A Bad Habit

Quite appropriately, as I have a re-scheduled dentist appointment tomorrow, it's my sweet tooth!

Rowntrees Randoms* are my new addiction, they've possibly overtaken chocolate but don't tell Willy Wonka! These ones, the squidgy speak ones, and, the rip 'ems ones are flipping sweet awesomeness :)

*other soft chewy scrumptious sweets are available

In other news, one dizzy spell at 5am (but that may just have been because I was stupidly awake at 5am!) but only a headache since :) I know I shouldn't really put a :) after headache but when last week most days were headache, dizzyness, nausea and ear pain, *just* a headache is a treat. Maybe the beta blockers are starting to work, that would be marvellous!

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