My Best Efforts - Year 3


A Watercolour.........

...........of little merit but I love it! I bought it on the spur of the moment some 15 years ago. It is obviously the work of an amateur - painted in the 1950s I suspect - the perspective is not good and the tractor looks very odd but I love the freshness of the colours and it is a very happy, sunshiny and peaceful picture and always makes me smile. For some reason or other, it makes me think of the TV Series - the Darling Buds of May - which was such innocent fun! It also reminds me of a farm in Oxfordshire where a school friend lived and where I used to go occasionally for tea.
I have just hung it in my now finished dining room and where catches the early morning sun - not enough to fade it though.

Another sunny morning with light fluffy clouds - temperature at 61 Deg.F.

Have a very good day.

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