By dunkyc

Waltzing on the Naze

I love this photo.

It's ok, I can say that because I didn't take it (my wife did - it's OK, she said I could use it), but that is me in the centre sprinting across the firm sand with my son in his buggy laughing all the way as the wind blows through his hair.

I've been fairly docile this week, but there comes a point when I need to blow off steam and a flat-out sprint seemed to do the trick. Absolutely invigorating and the fact that m'boy thought it hilarious just made it even better.

I've fond memories of Walton on the Naze. Mum and Dad used to take us there on the odd occasion and after a day on the beach and a picnic, we'd head up to the pier and play on the amusements and have a go on the rides.

That's what we all did today (complete with a terrifying ride on the Waltzers) and I was able to pass the same day along to my daughter who seemed to enjoy every moment - particularly the winning of tickets from the arcade - I fear I may be raising a gambler!!

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