By Lizimagiz

Black Swans Nesting

I drove out to “Brooksdale”, O’Connors’ farm this afternoon. I was on a mission to collect an armful of lovely narcissus flowers for table decorations at our annual Camera Club dinner and prize giving tomorrow night.
Spring is bursting out all over on the farm with lots of little lambs skipping around and lovely blossoms blooming. It is quite magical out here in the country. The big white swans are getting ready to mate and Stanley the enormous cob has become even more aggressive and protective of his mate.
In another part of the pond system a pair of black swans is nesting. When Dawn and I went to check them out we found the female had left her nest and was taking a break in the waterway. This gave Dawn an opportunity to creep around to the other side of the pond and check out the eggs in the nest. All five of them. “It’s OK ….. The eggs are warm.” she said. Phew. That was a relief as there was no way we wanted the female swan to abandon her nest. I managed to capture a quick shot of the pair standing guard beside the nest. Then we slunk away to leave the pair of them in peace.
I can’t wait until the eggs are hatched. I will be out there like a shot to photograph the little cygnets. So watch this space…

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