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Secure laughter therapy

Granny's bag loss has meant a car full of shopping has been stranded for a few days. Today a locksmith had a go and after a fair amount of time did get in. Sadly though they could not communicate with the voice in the car and so could not create a new key for us. Turns out Granny's car is one of the hardest to get into. This ususally would be a good thing I suppose.

And so we set about recovery to a main dealer (or stealer as the locksmith called them). Thankfully they arrived and fought with the traffic and the car to get it loaded and to the garage. Lets just hope it get sorted.

All this excitement meant that we missed the main of a production of the lion king that some friends were in. We managed to get there for the last number so the little ones were happy. We waited in the hall for them before heading out to the park. I noticed the laughter therapy, wish we had gone, we could have done with it this week.

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