Just after 8:30pm and mixing sound.

Steph Macleod, Dave and Brian have just started playing as the first night of the connected festival is underway.

It's been a great fun, if tiring day.

Up and lego with the weeWeir, before cycling to KCC to start setup for the events over the weekend.

Cleared the hall with some great helpers and loaded in the stage, additional sound and lighting.

Cycled home to get the car and pick up some extra equipment.

Then the marathon set up, soundcheck and event all seemed to just happen.

No major hassles, some brilliant helpers again and some cracking sounds from the artists.

After the event, stripped down and set up for the next event tomorrow afternoon. Home late.

Looking forward to taking the weeWeir to Hear Fischy music tomorrow and then sound checking Emily Smith tomorrow night. Check out the events and come along if you can!


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