nob cheese

Welcome to the Grange.

We think you'll enjoy it here. Of all the areas in Edinburgh, the Grange is one of the best. To help you settle in, we suggest you take a look around and admire the many different (yet all magnificent) houses the Grange contains. If you like, you can even pop in and say hello to anyone and will be welcomed immediately by any of the huge range of different people who live here. We'll support you as you find your feet, lend a hand if you need help or an ear if you need support and generally help make your stay in this community the best experience it can be.

We've found, through years of getting along with each other here, that doing this is the best way to find out how the community works, how to get involved with the community and how to find people on your wavelength.

If you would prefer to announce your arrival by being needlessly destructive, confrontational, aggressive or insulting under the mistaken belief that it's witty, intelligent or innovative and daring, by all means feel free to write ill-conceived and poorly thought-out ungrammatical tripe on our signs.

We'll still be nice to you, but secretly we'll think you're a twat.

big nob cheese

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