Botanical sunshine

When for a bike ride on my road bike now it's been fully serviced by a friend who has just qualified as a certified bike mechanic and is building up experience. The bike has always been fun to ride and use to shift and break fine, post service it's even better. We did a local loop to the west of our village that we've been doing this year and my average has crept up to 22 km/h - which I could easily improve on as I was coasting a lot and we were chatting and looking at the country-side as we went round so were were hardly pushing it. There was even a nice downhill at 64 km/h which was nice and fun.

On our return we did a few bits round the house and I took this picture of a rudbeckia in the front garden before the light failed. The background was already pretty dark and colourless, so I desaturated it a bit more to make the flower stand out even more.

Time for a rest now I think...

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