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A Strange Day

got up early this morning and started building the climbing frame and swing in the garden. what a job!. Managed to get most if done by 12.30 when I was poping over to the mosque kitchen for lunch with some of the guys from Diggers last night. Great lunch and great chat. Came back thinking I would be only another hour finishing of the building. It end up taking me till 5.30 to get finished.

Made myself a quick Nasi Goreng as E turned up. She was delighted with the frame. It all seemed like a rush to get out to the sangha practice evening. but it was well worth it. The strange thing was that due to rushing my dinner my stomach squeaked and popped through the meditations.

Blipped this on the way home. When I got here, F was over for dinner with E so I sat and had a nice chat. hence the back blip as I was too tired to do it last night.

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